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Glendale, Arizona

Our Clients started with an outdated pool concept and a grotto that was falling apart. They requested ideas for a full remodel that could be completed quickly.


We started by removing the grotto, cutting away the rolled bond beam edge, removing the existing water line tile and chipping out the entire interior area of the pool. 


Our Clients chose to go with a design that would incorporate stacked stone walls with a sheer descent to replace the old grotto.


New water line tile with a travertine stone cap was used to replace the rolled bond beam edge. Travertine was also as the material for the cap of the stacked stone walls.


This shows the new waterline tile, stacked stone walls and travertine caps prior to refinishing the interior area of the pool with a new mini-pebble finish.


In addition to remodeling the entire pool, we also retextured and refinished the acrylic deck in a color that compliments the new materials.

imagejpeg_0 2.jpg

To provide a resort-type feel we added new pigmy date palms and new bismarck palms behind the stacked stone walls and around the exterior of the pool

Sandoval 1.JPG

This shows the new Travertine edge after refilling the pool.

Sandoval 2.JPG

Newly Remodeled Pool!

Sandoval 4.JPG
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